Skadate 8 Update Manual

Stage 1: File system updating (should be run via SSH only)

We strongly recommend you to backup your current SkaDate site.

  1. Download skadate_diff.tar.gz from Customer Area;
  2. Upload skadate_diff.tar.gz via FTP to your server account root directory;
  3. Login to your server account through SSH and unpack it using “tar -zxf file_name.tar.gz” command;
  4. After skadate_diff.tar.gz is unpacked, skadate_diff directory will appear. It will contain 3 directories: old, new, reports.
  5. Download the package (for example: skadate-7.0.1365.tar.gz) corresponding to your current build from Customer Area (You can find your build number in 'internals/'. Find const variable PACKAGE_VERSION in this file);
  6. Upload it via FTP to skadate_diff/old directory and unpack it through SSH using “tar -zxf file_name.tar.gz” command;
  7. Go to Customer Area and download the package of build you want to update your current version to;
  8. Upload it via FTP to skadate_diff/new and unpack it through SSH using “tar -zxf file_name.tar.gz” command;
  9. Set 777 permissions for skadate_diff/reports directory using “chmod 777 file_name” command;
  10. Go to skadate_diff/ directory via SSH with the “cd directory_name” command;
  11. Run this command: “php index.php client full_path_to_directory_where_your_current_site_is _installed” (for example: “php index.php client /home/account_name/public_html/”);
  12. Go to skadate_diff/reports directory via FTP and see client_report.txt file. In this file you will see the list of files added, rewritten, files you need to merge and files you need to delete;
  13. Files should be merged via merge program, for example: AraxisMerge (merging is - comparing the default file of the new build with the one modified by you and bringing it in compliance with the new build.);
  14. Delete content of old and new directories. Enter old directory “cd old/” and remove content with “rm -rf *” command. The same should be done for new directory.

Stage 2: Database Update.

We strongly recommend you to backup your database.

  1. Go to Customer Area and download from_7vXXX_to_7vYYY.tar.gz archive from folder with new build;
  2. Upload this archive to directory where the software is installed via FTP and unpack it through SSH using “tar -zxf file_name.tar.gz” command;
  3. After from_7vXXX_to_7vYYY.tar.gz archive is unpacked update directory will appear;
  4. Set 777 permissions for the following directory: update/log using “chmod 777 file_name.tar.gz” command;
  5. Open the following URL in browser:;
  6. In the drop down menu choose proper update;
  7. Select Update Type:
    1. a) Standard Update (Recommended): This type includes all database sections update (Languages, Documents structure, Database tables);
    2. b) Advanced Update: You should select manually what database sections should be updated;
  8. “Language matching” step. Select what languages will be updated. Site Languages (your site languages that should be updated) should be matched with Update Languages (languages updated it the latest build); Note: Be careful while Language matching. Since incorrect matching will lead to loss of some/all language values.
  9. Make sure proper permissions (777) for update/log directory are set and database backup is made. The site update will run after you click Next;
  10. Click Finish to complete update process. As soon as site cache is regenerated, you will be directed to site index page. Site update is completed. Note: If you update to 7.0.1081 build, Cron settings should be configured. cron/heavy.php file should be run each 30 minutes. This Cron configuration should be done shortly after update.
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