About SkaDateCS

SkaDateCS is a website devoted to connecting SkaDate online dating software customers with freelance developers and devshop companies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is called SkaDateCS which stands for "SkaDate Certified Specialists". Historically we accepted applicants and performed SkaDate code knowledge tests; only after that we let people in. As we quickly found out no certification can replace solid business practices, working on aggressive deadlines and mere responsibility. That is why we decided to stop any certification and leave it to the community members to build their reputation on this site. This is the best certification possible.

REMEMBER: This is a community that anyone can participate in. The fact that SkaDate itself promotes this resource doesn't guarantee positive experience of working with anyone from SkaDateCS. It's your full responsibility to choose your business partners and contractors.

Skalfa LLC, the owner of SkaDate is not affiliated with anyone participating in this community and is not responsible for any damage caused to you by using this website and co-operating with any individuals and companies on this site.