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Job type Troubleshooting, Custom development
Budget up to $100
A different CS programmer created a custom profile field for us that no longer works. It allows members to input a special value which then shows up as a button below the MESSAGE/SEND GIFT/ etc. butto...
SFM · Feb 14 '13, 09:33PM
Job type Troubleshooting, Custom development, Consulting, Marketing, SEO
Budget from $50 up to $500
we are seeking a skadate web guru to help with some scripts, ideas, marketing and seo?? www.adultpassionplace.com it is so close to being finished ...
funtimesinYYC · Feb 13 '13, 04:34PM
Job type Troubleshooting
Budget from $20 up to $40
Hi, I would like the following work done. (1) decode script: I have a script that is not a skadate script. the script is encoded with ioncube. I would like to decode the script so that it can be ab...
v12345xyz · Feb 7 '13, 12:34PM
Job type Custom development
Budget from $60 up to $100
On the browse my matches page, we would like to display a simple % number representing each profile's compatibility with the user. We want to combine the following fields from the database (match_r...
mavgi123 · Jan 25 '13, 09:35AM
Job type Custom development, Theme design, SEO
Budget from $200 up to $900
I need to enter the city of the State is that the title in the header eg Chat with {$ username} and with other people from {$ city}
prn86 · Jan 22 '13, 04:01AM
Job type Translation
I am looking for some skilled translator to translate an website Language to Philippine. There are 3250 missing labels, and all those should be translated in good and fluid Philippine language....
intered · Jan 21 '13, 06:27AM
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