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We paid too much attention on the features and characteristics of LED panel lamp in previous introduction that we almost ignored the shape of LED panel light for sale. Now let me introduce some ...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 26, 07:19PM
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You will not be unfamiliar with LED lamp manufacturer. It is very widely used in many areas. However, many people may not be familiar with where LED ceiling light should be installed and what we...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 26, 12:09AM
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As one member of LED lighting family, the lifespan of LED panel light is long. Theoretically, life of LED panel light china is up to 100,000 hours. As at 8 hours per day, the theoretical life of...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 24, 07:01PM
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The birth of the LED goes back to the early years of the 20th century, when electroluminescence was discovered by British scientist H. J. Round. Today's wholesale LED street light uses a small s...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 23, 07:46PM
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Outdoor LED lighting products have been produced by many companies, but some people still don't know how to install them correctly. Install the light incorrectly may lead to harmful effect to th...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 22, 07:49PM
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The Mid-autumn Festival has just gone. At Mid-autumn Festival, watching the moon is essential. Space always brought us endless reverie. Do you know what LED lighting fixtures applications are? L...
ledskylamp09 · Nov 19, 08:12PM
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