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Do you know why LED downlight is popular among customers? Not only the countless advantages, but also LED downlight installation will affect peoples' desire in buying LED lamp manufacturer. LED ...
ledskylamp09 · Mar 15, 10:32PM
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T8 LED tube light is actually a major indoor LED lighting product which is a straight tube, and similar to normal fluorescent tubes. With the LED street lamp wholesale, t8 LED tube light is deve...
ledskylamp09 · Mar 9, 08:21PM
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As one member of LED lighting family, the lifespan of LED lamp manufacturer is long. Theoretically, life of LED panel light china is up to 100,000 hours. As at 8 hours per day, the theoretical l...
ledskylamp09 · Mar 3, 07:06PM
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LED ceiling light technology is to make LED ceiling light has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and long life. LED ceiling light is a new generation cold light source, than the tub...
ledskylamp09 · Mar 2, 06:57PM
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The birth of the LED goes back to the early years of the 20th century, when electroluminescence was discovered by British scientist H. J. Round. Today's outdoor LED lighting uses a small semicon...
ledskylamp09 · Feb 29, 12:29AM
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Undoubtedly, LED industrial light is an ideal one for industrial lighting. The LED industrial light involving industrial lights, LED mining lights. Used in industrial applications, the lamp is d...
ledskylamp09 · Feb 24, 07:42PM
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