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Because of the shortage of energy all around the world, all industries are calling for energy saving. Electric energy, petroleum resource, fossil fuels and other resources are all important ener...
ledskylamp09 · Feb 4, 07:13PM
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LED flood light is widely used in stage lighting and city outdoor lighting. As eco-friendly LED flood light fixtures are corresponding to the environment protection, LED flood light has a large ...
ledskylamp09 · Jan 31, 08:09PM
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Under the impetus of the strategy of going out, more and more LED lamp manufacturer in China have interests in markets overseas. However, they do not dare to put interests into practice. Market ...
ledskylamp09 · Jan 29, 01:56AM
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LED bulb lights are very common in our life. With the development of science and technology, people's standards of LED light bulbs for home are becoming higher and higher. What's more, the marke...
ledskylamp09 · Jan 27, 01:17AM
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In December 2009, the State Council approved the subway construction plan of 22 cities in our country with a total investment of 882 billion Yuan. By 2010, the number of Chinese urban rail trans...
ledskylamp09 · Jan 25, 02:02AM
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What is the definition of LED panel light product? People usually know LED panel light product due to LED panel light advantages but not the definition. LED panel light product is a high-grade i...
ledskylamp09 · Jan 14, 08:06PM
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